Reliable Propane Supply

GROWMARK's relationship with key players in the industry and our expansive terminal network positioned on major pipelines ensures a reliable supply of propane at competitive prices.  Whether you're supplying customers with propane for residential heating, on-farm grain drying, or autogas, you can count on GROWMARK as your propane wholesale partner.

Risk Management

Success as a propane retailer depends on your ability to manage supply and price risk. GROWMARK helps customers with both of those needs through our team of price risk management experts. We work for you to develop strategies to offset price risk and market volatility. Risk management contracts include but are not limited to:

  • Low contract minimums: 9,000 gallons propane 
  • Multi-month propane contracts with great flexibility

Continuous up-to-date market information is provided to help decision-makers manage their propane businesses.

Click here for a complete list of GROWMARK Energy's Terms and Conditions documents.